Riolo Terme in Romagna

Hotel Golfo delle Terme

Hotel Golfo delle Terme

Riolo Terme is a lovely little village in the Province of Ravenna, in Romagna. Its main attractions are the tranquillity and beauty of the town itself and of the surrounding Valle del Senio, its Castello Sforzesco, built by Caterina Sforza towards the end of the 15th century, and of course its thermal baths, le terme.

To stroll the cobbled streets of Riolo is to enter a different reality. Cars and motorini are very much in evidence, but they are mostly parked. There is none of the obsessive and overwhelming traffic of the major Italian cities; people go about their business mostly on foot, serenely and urbanely. Surrounding the town, everywhere, there are the rolling vistas of the Valle del Senio. Here you can select your favorite cafe’ or gelateria, stroll there every day, get to know your host, and ritually have your cornetto e caffe’.

One of the best hotels in the city is the Hotel Golf delle Terme, periodically restructured and modernised since ancient times, with spacious common rooms for group activities, beautiful decor, and understated old-world elegance. Double rooms can be had in two flavors: more spacious but lacking the view of the valley, or somewhat smaller with spectacular valley views. Service is first class, as is the hotel restaurant. The hotel managers, Sig. Marco Gamberucci and Signora Gamberucci, are degustatori professionisti, and have kindly offered a brief degustazione of local wines, oils, and cheeses.

Not to be overlooked are the Terme of Riolo. Here one goes for a variety of healthful and relaxing activities, such as mineral baths, massages, and the like. The thermal bath culture is of course widespread in Europe, and it goes back to the practices of the ancient Romans. The Riolo Terme boasts an Ear, Nose and Throat Center, mud-balneotherapy, a center for natural methods, a motor and pulmonary Rehabilitation Center, and a Wellness Center that includes a new, elegant thermarium and a splendid pool with salso-bromo-iodine thermal water, chlorine-free, at 34 deg Celsius.

Equally important is the central location of Riolo, which makes it an ideal jumping point for a variety of excursions to major artistic and historical centers, some of which are listed below

to Faenza – 15 km (10 miles)
to Ravenna – 40 km (25 miles)
to Bologna – 60 km (38 miles)
to Ferrara – 80 km (50 miles)

The outing requiring the longest ride is to Ferrara, a mere hour by bus. Side trips to places other than cities, such as to Brisighella or Palazzuolo, are equally short. The tour of the Valle del Senio, which includes visits to a winery and to a chocolate factory, is also manageable and comfortable. Even for Italy, dense with places of interest, the location of Riolo is unmatched as a starting point for further exploration.

Riolo Terme

Riolo Baths

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