San Valentino in Italy

Murano bead jewelry

Murano Blue Fire

The tradition of Valentine’s Day is rooted in the legend of an Italian Saint, San Valentino da Terni, who was a Bishop and a Christian martyr in the the second century AD. Saint Valentine is also recognized in the Anglican and Orthodox churches, and is mentioned in official Church documents dating back to the 5th and 6th centuries.

San Valentino is the protector of lovers, and there are several legends about his having protected couples in love and having disarmed opponents with words of love and understanding. Today he is the patron of the cities of Terni, in Umbria, and of Sodali, in Sardinia. In this latter city, however, he is celebrated in a three-day festival in October instead of February. He is also the patron of Vico del Gargano, and here his feast is celebrated on the same date we Americans know and love, the 14th of February. The statue of the Saint is adorned with oranges and laurel leaves and is paraded through the town, followed by throngs of faithful. The festival is not purely religious, but it includes interesting exhibitions of locally manufactured samples of arts and crafts.

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