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The Italian Art Society
by Mario Fusco

Outdoor cafe' scene in Venice - an acrylic original

Cafe' Tintoretto

An organization actively promoting the study of italian art is the Italian Art Society (IAS), a scholarly group with members from several universities in the US and Europe. Launched in 1986 in Kalamazoo (!), the Society is now affiliated with the College Art association, the Renaissance Society of America, the Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, and the Society of Architectural Historians.

The IAS organizes lectures and conferences on Italian art, publishes newsletter three times a year, and awards travel grants to scholars in the pursuit of their studies. They also offer assistance in obtaining outside funding for Italian art and art history studies. Their membership includes established professors and researchers in the field, undergraduate and graduate students, and people who are simply passionate about the subject.

Some IAS upcoming events are:

IAS/KRESS LECTURES, to be held in the spring of 2012 in Venice, Italy
Milan, Italy, June 11–14, 2012,
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, June 21–23, 2012.

For more information about the Italian Art Society please go to http://italianartsociety.org/

An example of original acrylic by Italian-born artist Angelica di Chiara is shown below. The Venetian ambience is beautifully pictured in this nostalgic outdoor scene. Find it on our sister site http://finestitalian.com for $495, or buy it here for the reduced price of $395 plus tax and a $20 shipping fee!

Tintoretto, venetian cafe' outdoor scene

Tintoretto in Venice

Leonardo again – and the Bank of America?
by Mario Fusco

Banks are not well-loved, these days, for reasons that are familiar to all of us. But here’s a story that shows that even banks may on occasion exhibit a social conscience and an artistic sensibility. The article below is a fragment (in free translation) from a longer article which has appeared on the Corriere della Sera, the newspaper of Milano.

The Codex Trivulzianus, one of Leonardo da Vinci’s earliest manuscripts, part of the collection of the Biblioteca del Castello Sforzesco in Milano, will be restored. The Bank of America Merrill Lynch Art Conservation Project will finance the restoration. This will not be the Art Conservation project’s only enterprise: 20 works of art and artifacts of great cultural and historic value, gathered from 19 countries, have been selected for restoration.

DIGITAL RESTORATION – The Trivulzian Codex, a collection of Leonardo’s drawings and writings, is comprised of 55 folios dated between 1478 and 1490, and it is one of the most significant documents of the Italian Renaissance. It is a unique testimonial to the eclecticism of the Italian artist/inventor: it contains notes, drawings and studies of religious and military architecture (amongst which a sketch for the cupola of the Duomo di Milano), but also analyses of the Italian language and observations on the literature of the time. Using cutting-edge software capable of producing virtual copies of Leonardo’s technical designs, the restoration project will result in a digital version of the manuscript which will remain impervious to the passage of time and will facilitate academic research, while rendering it more accessible to the lay public.

So, kudos to the Bank of America, and never mind the tax writeoffs they will take. They are doing a good thing for all of us.

Codex Trivulzianus

Codex Trivulzianus

Codex Trivulzianus