The Italian Cowboy

MITICOMythical in name only, the Italian Cowboy lives in Toscana, not far from Lucca. Ever since he was a little boy, Piero (his real name), has been passionate about horses and the free-ranging lifestyle of the American cowboy, about whom he learned by reading everything he could get his hands on about the American West. And, growing up, his persistent dreams were of exploring unknown open spaces on horseback, discovering hidden paths through the Tuscan hillsides, and wandering free and unfettered under the broad Tuscan sky.

It took singlemindedness of purpose, the occasional help of dad, the support of his wife Anto, and luck in his choices of horses, but today Mitico lives his chosen lifestyle. On his MITICORANCH he hosts and cares for several horses and organizes group horseback rides in search of the most remote and beautiful corners of Tuscany. He has participated in a television program on the hidden pathways of the ancient Via Francigena and has become a well-known and respected horse breeder. His passion for the wide-open spaces and for the challenge of the unknown burns in Mitico undiminished. His ideal weekend is still a horseback expedition with his trusted dog, good friends, a piece of bread, a couple of tomatoes and “una coppia di uova affrittellate” in his saddlebag.

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