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An online guide to Italian fashion, travel, wine, food, and more La Dolce Vita
A site for young people interested in international study and cultural exchange Intercultura
The latest in Italian fashion, from watches to fragrance to lingerie, and more Moda Italia
An extensive listing of sites dedicated to Italian sport Italian Sport
For those who wish to buy real estate in Italy – complete listings Italian Real Estate
Complete tourist information – hotels, art, events, travel, much much more Wonderful Italy
The wonderful world of Sicilian puppets Pupi Siciliani
Original plays and comic adaptations of classics by an English troupe English Theater in Rome
Where to eat, where to go, where to play in Sicily The Sicilian Portal
All about the movies, the artists, the directors, etc. Italian film
Covers festivals, street fairs, special events… Events in Italy
Complete guide to Italian campsites Camping in Italy
Nostalgic for the “strisce”? See what today’s fumetti are like Italian Comics
Complete guides to italian parks Italian Parks
The guide for those who want to spend their holidays in Tuscany Tuscan Holidays
Miscellaneous italian video entertainment Italian Video

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